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Quick Resume Tips To Get You Noticed

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This video provides tips to assist you to write your resume . Your resume has only 10 to 15 seconds on average to impress an employer. Hiring Managers receive hundreds of resumes every day. In just a few seconds (a mere glance) they will decide whether or not to call a candidate for an interview. If your resume is not conveying the right message, it will land-up where most do - the trash can. Here are some quick resume tips to keep you on track.

Keyword Resume Tip

Many companies currently utilize an automated resume database. These databases are basically resume mines. When a vacancy arises, keywords are used to find the right resumes from among the thousands stored in these systems. If your resume does not contain the right keywords, it will never be found during such searches.


A resume is not a just typed sheet. It is a strategic tool used to enhance your chances of getting a job. Are you reaching your target audience? How is your advertising working out for you? A professionally written resume shortens the overall job search time. A well-written, keyword-rich, resume not only impresses employers, but it also reduces the overall time it takes to find a job. Good resumes get the interviews, and the more interviews you get, the higher your chances are to become employed. source

Emotions in your job search. Perfectly normal.

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Depression and discouragement can set in. Be sure to guard against it.

Job Search Strategies are important!

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Job searching can be an overwhelming process. An effective strategy can make it easier and help you land your dream job much faster. This gives you the knowledge and tools to be able to effectively target and land the job you desire. Contact me at for a job search strategy consultation or visit my website at

Basic resume tips

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A few of the basic tips for creating that resume that will get you your next job and further your career. For most of us, resume is where the process of change and transition begins. You write it summarizing your experience, contributions, skills and education. It is used as the first point of contact and reference by your prospective employers. While each of our experiences and careers vary each of the resume s could benefit from some fundamental guidelines. A. Format: keep it clean, consistent, professional and submit it as a PDF B. Contact: name, phone and e-mail (without descriptors) C. Color: black or dark blue on white background works D. Length: list only relevant experience for the job you are applying to E.Keywords: match your resume with the job description resume -tips/ ********************************************** I'm all about making each of us reach our full potential and then some. Along the way, let's live happy, fulfilled lives full of progress and accomplishments. Furthermore, on this wonderful journey we should do our part to improve organizations & businesses that we lead or work for. Rethink everything, challenge everything, make it better and have fun doing it. Focus on your strengths and go all in! Good luck! Subscribe, share and like what you find valuable. Thank you! For more, go to [Focus on people first, they matter the most] ********************************************** source

Making A Decision Without All The Info – What Would You Do?

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is job security real   A job seeker recently asked this... I have interviewed with two separate companies. I have been offered the job at Company #1 which is a good job, but the offer is pretty much we are gonna pay you X amount. Do you want the job? No info on insurance, parking (it's located downtown city). I wouldn't mind the job but it's my second choice. Company #2 was a 5 step process (4 interviews, 6 interviewers, and a computer test). Very through and I know all the benefits already, but I don't know if I will be offered the job yet. I emailed for an update after a week and was told they were further in the process but it would be longer. My dilemma is that Company #1 wants an answer by Monday. I don't want to tell them no and then also not get the job with Company #2. Is it bad if I accept the current offer from Company #1 and if 2-4 weeks after I start I leave bc I got the better offer?

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Job Search Tip: Use the Job Boards

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Today's 2 Minute Tip with Andrew LaCivita covers the use of job boards and your chance of finding a finding a job via one. FREE DOWNLOAD: My 9 Favorite General and 14 Niche Job Boards: Interested in How To Target The Best Companies in Your Job Search? Check out the full post (6 minute video) highlighted the 8 best way to target companies! Join Andrew’s email list: Get Andrew’s books free: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: iTunes free podcast:

Functional Resume Examples | Functional Resume Examples

Posted by admin in Job Search | 0 comments resume s Effective resume writing tips Functional Resume Examples Your resume is the first impression your prospective employer has with you. A effectively formatted and a well-prepared resume can make a difference in between obtaining the job interview and receiving the offer. Most employers obtain a stack of resume s of experienced candidates and scan them rapidly. You only have a couple of seconds to make a lasting impact. source

Using LinkedIn to Job Hunt – Trailer

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Watch full course here - With more than 450 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site for professionals but are you using it to your advantage? It can build your brand and get you noticed by potential employers and key influencers. Aimee Bateman built her successful global business using LinkedIn. Throughout this course she shares with you her learning and demonstrates how you can use LinkedIn to get noticed by the people that matter. You will learn how to job hunt effectively by optimising your profile, showcasing your brand and value, and making and maintaining connections. Sign up for this course and learn how to take your job search to the next level and open up opportunities.

Android Resume Builder App

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Install: source

How to Keep Motivated in Your Job Search

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Check This few Tips to keep motivated during your job search, and above all don't lose hope and keep looking.