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Are You Just Answering The Job Interview Questions?

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Over and over again we see it happen.  It’s the job seeker who interviews best who is getting job offers in this competitive market.  This is why we spend so much time preparing people for their job interview questions several days in advance.  It requires more than just the perfect credentials.  If you don’t ace the interview and click with the interviewer, chances are the job offer will go to someone else. Too often, job seekers think it’s their lack of experience, salary, age, or too much experience that screens them out.
  • When you might lack experience, but appear confident, interested and you click with the interviewer – they will teach you what you don’t know.
  • Try to be “open or negotiable” on salary, the only time salary will hold you back is if you don’t know how to verbalize your salary requirement during the interview.
  • Don't go to a job interview thinking you are too young or too old for a job, often the way you “word” things in the interview will reveal that you have this concern.
  • If you have extensive experience, focus on the last 10 years and the impact that your accomplishments have had on your past employers and that is where the interviewer will focus.
Not only do you have to interview well, the interviewer has to feel you will fit in.  They want someone who blends well with their current team and company culture. Realize you are not going to fit into 100% of the companies who interview you. If you did get the job at one of those kinds of companies, you probably would not be happy long term. When you don't  get a job offer, view the experience as an opportunity to learn.  Take that experience and fine tune your ability to maser job interview questions. Prepare so you can be comfortable during a job interview - practice, practice and then practice some more!

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To fine tune your interviewing skills focus on these four main areas:
  1. Focus on the impact of your accomplishments on past employers
  2. Show a high level of confidence in your ability to do the job
  3. Display a high level of interest in working for them
  4. Ask the best questions
Mastering these four areas will make you interview more effectively, which greatly enhances your chances of receiving a job offer.   job interview questions