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So it is the first video of this channel and i hope it delivers you all the message of not loosing hope and faith and always taking life as a group of opportunities. My name is Harsh Sharma and i am the director, editor and producer.Regarding the video it is my first video and it is a class assignment i thought it would be really nice to share my video among the people.
Music is by Really slow motion here is a link to there youtube channel. I really encourage you guys to subscribe them as they make really motivational and inspirational music.
And follow my model Eric tutzinger on facebook( and instagram( and thanks to his well done job !!
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And at last thanks to MK_John_NyceImage_Productions for helping me out in locations.
Here’s a link to his facebook
Finally please subscribe and i hope i will deliver you guys more best videos. Thanks!!


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  1. h7opolo says:

    "Worth" I interpret to mean "worthy" or "worthwhile" in this context. "Hopeless end turned into endless hope." That's a good line.

  2. Lovepreet Dhaliwal says:

    well done. Really love it

  3. Karan Grover says:

    well done bro. keep it up,I know one day you will be in top list of you tubers!

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