Here is a risky job search strategy — hoping whoever pulls your job application and resume off the internet will be intuitive enough to see your great qualifications. This almost NEVER happens.

If you are still waiting for interviews and you’re not following up on your contacts, your chances of getting hired become slimmer. Job searching is like any other business deal; after you make a presentation (your resume) you have to have effective follow up to close the transaction (an interview).


Here are a few ideas on how to follow up with contacts throughout your job search:

  • Send a hand written thank you note right after any interview. This is not only courteous; it helps to keep you top of mind.
  • Make sure that you leave your mobile and landline number, e-mail address and home address so that prospective employers will have no challenges in getting in touch with you. Be complete with this information on your job application.
  • Double check the accuracy and spelling of any contact information for perspective employers.
    Some companies highly value references. Alert the people on your list that they might receive a call from your prospective employers.
  • Always be positive. Should you not get hired for a position, you may ask the people from that company for referrals to other companies.

Make follow up as important to your job search as your resume, cover letter, and job application. We have seen people hired after they have followed up with employers seven or eight times. LinkedIn is one of the best resources for your job search and follow up information. Be sure you leverage its power.


If you are unsure about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, get some training. There are several programs available, but we think LinkedInfluence is the best training available. Watch the video at the bottom of this PAGE to see how one job seeker used LinkedIn to find their next position.


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