Two Simple Question To Ask Yourself Before You Start To Look

When I speak to people who are looking for a job they seem to fit into one of two categories…

  • They are moving AWAY from something (i.e…. a company culture, fear shutterstock_85077412of losing a job, a caustic co-worker, etc….)
  • They are moving TOWARD something (i.e…. challenge, professional development, interesting projects, etc….)

Almost no professional, a person at the top of their game, is changing jobs just for more pay. If that is the sole reason for a job change it sends up red flags for employers and recruiters.

Several surveys suggest that a majority of people today are dissatisfied with their jobs. Employees cite many reasons for this, but I’ve found it is usually a mismatch between the job and an individual’s talents, skills, and passion. Some people have changed jobs our to ‘envy’ or for status seeking reasons. My friend Larry Gates writes about this on his blog. Changing jobs for this reason is not a healthy way to manage a successful career.

Let’s assume you are not in the first category above. You don’t have to run from a situation. How then do you know if your job dissatisfaction is of the healthy or unhealthy kind? One of the best ways to get a sense of this is to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are you still being challenged, rewarded, and satisfied by the WORK you are doing? Separate the work from your company or your boss. Focus on what you do and how you contribute to the things that are important to you as you answer this question.
  2. Are you still growing, learning, and developing as a professional? Look back at where you were in skill and knowledge one year ago. Examine where and if you have learned or developed at a pace that is satisfactory to you.

If you answer ‘No’ to both of these questions then it is likely time to consider your next career move.

Tell us about a time in your career when you decided you needed to make a job change….

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