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How to Overcome Being Seen as Unqualified?

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What are some good tips to overcome being categorized as unqualified? Many job seekers are deterred from applying to opportunities they’re excited about because they fear they are not qualified. First rule: let them turn you down. The qualifications on job postings are usually basic guidelines, not hard and fast necessities. If you’re worried that employers might see you as unqualified, be proactive, and show them you’re flexible and willing to learn. Take the initiative and enroll in training programs or seminars to enhance skills you may be lacking. You can also look for volunteer opportunities to bolster your experience. Remember experience doesn’t need to be paid volunteering. Participating in teams clubs or other extracurricular organizations can all end valuable transferable work experience. You should also highlight your soft skills. In a recent careerbuilder survey three in four employers said that soft skills are just as important as hard or technical skills. So even if you’re lacking in technical experience, you can make up a lot of ground by proving you have a strong work ethic, a positive attitude and by being self motivated.


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  1. Dijonne Stricklen says:

    she's amazing she'got this information contained to jobs and career builder down pack.

  2. rcmodelr says:

    What about dealing with an interview where during the interview they tell me they don't want to hire me because I'm clearly "OVERQUALIFIED" for job I was interviewing for?

  3. Dijonne Stricklen says:

    Glad to know this information contained to jobs and career builder.

  4. Dijonne Stricklen says:

    She's amazing she'got this information contained to jobs down pack.

  5. ステファン says:

    Very useful

  6. Dijonne Stricklen says:

    thanks for the advice.

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