We  often hear the frustration from people  when they hear nothing after they’ve submitted a resume, gone on an interview or even after they’ve had multiple interviews with a company. Your Job Search is a sales process and if there is one thing we’ve learned it’s that time kills deals!



If you’ve been “pending” for an extended period of time it could mean one of the following scenarios:

  • The employer is keying in on someone else
  • The employer has hired someone else and you have not been told
  • The employer is still interviewing looking for the perfect candidate for this job
  • The hire has been put on a back burner because another priority is more important than this hire
  • The employer is waiting on salary approval or the approval to hire
  • They are waiting on reference or background checks to be completed
  • They did not misrepresent the truth during your interview. At the time you were interviewed, there may have been a high level of interest in you, but since your interview they have interviewed stronger candidates. Hiring authorities are no different than anyone else.
  • They do not like to deliver bad news and have probably had job seekers in the past get very defensive when they were told they were selected. As a result, many companies do not communicate and assume you will realize you’re out of contention when you don’t hear back from them.

The best thing you could do is thank them for their time and ask to be considered for future opportunities. Most job seekers will not do this because they are upset – so this will set you apart from your competition. If you are still being considered they will reach out to you. If you are not being considered, they will be impressed by the way you handled yourself.


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Never burn any bridges in your job search because you never know who could open the door that represents your next logical career move. Always be gracious, ask for advice how to improve and continue your job search activities.

Did you know that it is not always the most qualified person who gets hired; it is often the person who interviews best? During your interview you need to stress your accomplishments, effectively answer questions, overcome any areas of concern and know what questions to ask. An interview is not a fact finding mission. It is your chance to show the talents you bring to the table.


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