is job security real


A job seeker recently asked this…

I have interviewed with two separate companies. I have been offered the job at Company #1 which is a good job, but the offer is pretty much we are gonna pay you X amount. Do you want the job? No info on insurance, parking (it’s located downtown city). I wouldn’t mind the job but it’s my second choice.

Company #2 was a 5 step process (4 interviews, 6 interviewers, and a computer test). Very through and I know all the benefits already, but I don’t know if I will be offered the job yet. I emailed for an update after a week and was told they were further in the process but it would be longer.

My dilemma is that Company #1 wants an answer by Monday. I don’t want to tell them no and then also not get the job with Company #2. Is it bad if I accept the current offer from Company #1 and if 2-4 weeks after I start I leave bc I got the better offer?

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    • zephyrwastaken

      The way I would look at it is you are disposable to an employer and they can be disposable to you. It’s your future you’re looking out for. Perhaps you accept and then get offered job 2 a day later. It’s still early enough for them to contact their second choice, like you did. My 2 cents.

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