For those of you feeling stuck or feeling like you need to get back on your feet, here’s some advice. I hope you enjoy these tips that have worked for you. Always go for it. You deserve to be happy and work where you’re appreciated.

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    6 replies to "Three Tips To Job Search Better"

    • thejakeside

      I've only worked at fast food chains getting minimum wage, I haven't gone to school, and I'm 21. I don't really see myself having a better job any time soon….

    • Levant

      Thanks for the advice. I've been picking up some UX/UI design work from friends to build up my experience and portfolio and I'll probably start job hunting at the end of the month when these next two designs are done. Hoping that this really becomes my new calling. After being in Graphic Design for so long, I'd like to really get into more technology based design. Less advertising. Great video! Keep them up.

    • dattebenforcer

      I want my boss's job. How can I reach this most efficiently? (without openly backstabbing him)

    • Razear

      What kind of search terms are good for finding relevant job postings?

    • in liberal states like CA, OR, NY, & NJ, it's who you know, not what you know. That's feminism at it's highest. Can't count how many unqualified people I've met working in jobs, simply because they knew someone from the company. It's the cold hard truth.

    • Thor Nielsen

      Excelent advice!

      I'd like to add that sending "connect" requests to recruiters/headhunters on linkedin is quite useful.

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