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With more than 450 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site for professionals but are you using it to your advantage? It can build your brand and get you noticed by potential employers and key influencers.

Aimee Bateman built her successful global business using LinkedIn. Throughout this course she shares with you her learning and demonstrates how you can use LinkedIn to get noticed by the people that matter. You will learn how to job hunt effectively by optimising your profile, showcasing your brand and value, and making and maintaining connections.
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    2 replies to "Using LinkedIn to Job Hunt – Trailer"

    • Trax Morth

      Hello Aimee, Does font use affect your CV? just wondering? Do you have any videos for right font to use? 😀

    • Imran Karolia

      Hi , is this just an intro . will there be an episodes to understand LinkedIn better ?

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