How to Earn The WOW Reaction!


Think for a moment about your job search process. When is the last time you The WOW Factorreceived the reaction of “WOW” from a hiring authority or individual in your professional network? It is important that you determine your WOW Factor in order for you to differentiate yourself from other job seekers. When you attempt to determine your WOW Factor, you will be forced to stand back and be realistic about what you can offer a future employer that your competition can’t.

If you don’t know your WOW Factor, no one else will take time to figure it out. Often your WOW Factor represents the impact your accomplishments have had on your past employers. Future employers assume that what you did for your past employers is what they can expect from you. How you present yourself in your resume, cover letters and follow up telephone contacts greatly impacts the level of success you will have scheduling interviews.

You can earn a WOW reaction from your professional network when you share leads or useful information. When you help someone else, they are very likely going to want to repay the favor and help you. If you are not sure what differentiates you, ask your family and friends. Then, practice how you’re going to present yourself to everyone you meet during your job search.

Your homework is to generate the reaction of “WOW” before our next update!

This may sound like strange advice but this week we suggest you read the Dr. Seuss’s Book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! When you are frustrated over the lack of results in your job search, it helps to read something light that can just pick up your spirits. This book is filled with great quotes including: “You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way!” This read will make you smile which is often the best medicine when your job search is bringing your spirits down.

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