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If Your Search Is Taking Longer, Here Are Resume Options To Use TODAY

One of the greatest concerns for job seekers is the lack of current experience. This issue becomes more prevalent if your job search continues for a longer time than you had anticipated. There are things you can do while looking for a job that helps fill in the current gap on your resume.

Some of these options include:

1. Volunteering – this is a WIN/WIN. You are helping others while you are out meeting people who all have personal and professional networks. These people will see your experience, skills and personality first hand and often are more than willing to introduce you to individuals who may be able to progress your job search. Volunteer in the areas where you have interest or passion. There is nothing better than to combine what you love with what you do for a living!

2. Working as a Consultant – if you have worked in a specific profession or industry for a period of time, you would be amazed how willing others are to pay for good information. Contact past employers, clients and co-workers to see if they can help you identify people who would need your services.



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3. Accepting a temporary or contract job – you may accept positions beneath titles you are targeting, but you are working, you are meeting people and employers are able to watch you work.  Often times a temp assignment or contract ends up uncovering a full-time opportunity. This also helps you expand your professional network while you can list this work as current experience.

4. Enhancing your skills – most jobs require some technology skills. Take this time to enroll in courses either through an Adult Education Program, Government Sponsored job training or online that will enhance your skills to make you more marketable.

5. Going back to school – if you have determined that you want to change fields or direction of your career, this will often require additional schooling either online or on campus.

6. Accepting an internship – internships often become “working interviews.” You will increase your network and could end up accepting a full-time position.

When in doubt just get out there and expand your network as well as your chances of finding employment!


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