A few of the basic tips for creating that resume that will get you your next job and further your career.

For most of us, resume is where the process of change and transition begins. You write it summarizing your experience, contributions, skills and education. It is used as the first point of contact and reference by your prospective employers. While each of our experiences and careers vary each of the resume s could benefit from some fundamental guidelines.

A. Format: keep it clean, consistent, professional and submit it as a PDF

B. Contact: name, phone and e-mail (without descriptors)

C. Color: black or dark blue on white background works

D. Length: list only relevant experience for the job you are applying to

E.Keywords: match your resume with the job description

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I’m all about making each of us reach our full potential and then some. Along the way, let’s live happy, fulfilled lives full of progress and accomplishments. Furthermore, on this wonderful journey we should do our part to improve organizations & businesses that we lead or work for. Rethink everything, challenge everything, make it better and have fun doing it. Focus on your strengths and go all in! Good luck!

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