Is Your Corporate Knowledge Walking Out The Door?

According to AARP the Baby Boomers are retiring at a rate of one every six seconds. Most companies are not prepared for this wealth of knowledge to walk out the door. Think for a moment of the characteristics of this generation:

Baby Boomers are extremely hardworking, dependable and define themselves by their professional accomplishments. They sacrificed a great deal for their career achievements, have an incredible work ethic and commitment to the workplace.


Baby Boomers are independent, confident and self-reliant. This generation grew up in a time of reform and believes they can change the world. They thrive on a good challenge.

Baby Boomers equate work and position with self-worth which translates into them being quite competitive. They are clever, resourceful and strive to win.

Baby Boomers experienced increased educational and financial opportunities than the generation that preceded them. As a result they are achievement-oriented, dedicated and focused. They welcome exciting, challenging projects and most strive to make a difference.

As a company leader don’t you want the people in your company to possess these same characteristics? Imagine someone who always showed up for work, did an excellent job and brought a wealth of experience, talents and skills to the table.

The job market is improving and many companies realize that many of the necessary skills are lacking.  Boomers may have left the job, but they haven’t quit working!

Bringing back Baby Boomers as contractors is the fastest way to close the skills gap!

Baby Boomers are often referred to as the bungee retirees. They retire, get bored and go back to work. They have this need to share their knowledge and expertise while re-establishing their self-worth later in their career.

They are ready to come back and contribute on short term and long term projects. Companies only need to find and tap into this incredibly talented pool!

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