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Here is this week’s round up of career related articles so you can keep your career growing!  New resource at the bottom of the message…

Salary Negotiation Mistakes That Cost You Money usnews.com
Letting an employer base your salary on your last job’s wages may cause you to miss out on a big salary boost.

Advance Your Career by Selling Yourself | mmsgrouponline.com
Your personal brand is critical to your career. Here are some quick tips on selling yourself to advance your career.

The Top 5 TED Talks to Advance your Career unimenta.com
Gaining soft skills is not just for the workplace; they change you as a person and therefore enhance your home life.

25 Little Ways To Get Closer To Your DreamCareer This Week  | forbes.com
When your dream job has pretty much nothing to do with what you’ve been working toward your entire career—bridging that gap can feel overwhelming.

A startup founder shares her best tricks for saving time | businessinsider.com
The very busy 27-year-old entrepreneur, who graduated from Brown University in 2009 with a degree in chemical engineering, shared with Business Insider her top four unique tips for saving time and getting more done.

9 Guaranteed Conversation Starters for Your Next Networking Event | inc.com
Heading to a networking event? Use these tried-and-true openers to get people talking.

Top 20 Business Schools In The U.S. Whose Graduates Earn The Highest StartingSalaries, 2015 | ceoworld.biz
Consise listing of schools and starting salaries of graduates

Extemporaneous Speaking: Perform Under Pressure From the Board Room to Next JobInterview | magneticspeaking.com
Extemporaneous speaking can be one of the most difficult types of speaking, but can also be the most fun and rewarding to your career and confidence.

How I Learned a New Skill While Working a Full Time Job and Advanced My Career | nomadship.com
It was time for a change, and I started thinking about what to do next considering my professional life. It was clear to me that in order to move forward, I needed to acquire some new skill(s).

10 moves you need to make now to advanceyour career in 2016 | monster.com
Holiday chaos got you sidetracked? Focus on these tips through year-end and you’ll be approaching January in stride.


Personal Branding for the 21st Century by Shane Boyd


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