In the article link below, you learn that Canadian employees’ level of engagement has actually risen during the recession. In surveys these employees attribute “positive management, good company morale, and pay levels that have improved or remained steady” as the primary reason.

Sounds simple, yet so many employers miss this. In the U.S. surveys suggest as much a 51% of the workforce suffers from “warm-chair” attrition. This is when the body keeps showing up for work, but the mind is completely disengaged. Companies who have this epidemic need to change at least three areas of their talent management strategy:

1) The selection and hiring process: Mis-hires are too costly to not have a structured, objective process. Stop validating resumes in interviews and figure out what the job really requires.

2) On boarding that works: On boarding is not HR’s orientation meeting about the benefits paperwork! On boarding starts before the person’s first day on the job and continues during their first year. If you have a structured hiring process you can develop an “owners manual” for the new employee. This ensures quick and lasting employee engagement and productivity.

3) Multi-generational retention strategies: You don’t retain a Millennial like you retain a Veteran. Your managers have to understand what each of the four generations value at work and retention needs to me a serious management metric.

Here’s the article link:

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