Today is the day our country sets aside each year to honor our veterans. We take time to reflect on those men and women who have served in the armed forces. These are our fellow citizens who dedicated everything from a few years to their very lives in service to our nation. Let’s not take that service lightly. Regardless of their service branch, their jobs in the service, or the length of time they served, it is a sacrifice for all who took the oath.

It is one thing to reflect on this serve, but there are practical actions you can take to make a real difference in the lives of veterans.

The MMS Group supports two organizations that have real impact. We encourage everyone today to join us in supporting them as well.

  • shutterstock_81641815Wounded Warrior Project. This organization works to support our veterans returning to civilian life having left a part of themselves on the battlefield. Often disabled for life, these veterans are struggling to make a transition into daily living without their full physical or mental capacities.
  • Hire Heroes USA. This is perhaps the most practical way you can honor a veteran; by offering them a job. Veterans are dedicated, committed, and often highly motivated and trained. Hire Heroes connects veterans with potential employers. If your company is looking for ‘can do’ types of employees then look no further than a veteran.


Tell us how YOU will honor our veterans today…


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