What is the biggest problem with retained search firms?  

You pay for an expensive search with no guarantee of success.

MMS Group has created the customized PerfectMatch™ search process to eliminate this problem.

Our PerfectMatch™ search process is designed to attract, select and hire top performers. It does just as the name implies, it makes a perfect match for your requirements with the talent available.

This is a simple and straightforward solution with the aim to  attract, select, and help our clients hire top talent that brings immediate impact.  Our fee is easy to budget and performance based. The  PerfectMatch™ service is backed by a one year replacement policy.


The MMS Group PerfectMatch™ Search Process has four phases:

Profiling Phase

  • Complete a comprehensive Search Information Questionnaire with the client
  • Profile the position and Benchmark top performers
  • Consult with our client about industry and market based compensation
  • Create a project team and conduct research to identify all possible competitors. Identify other possible companies that might employ the same skill set
  • Develop and present an initial target list of companies and candidates to recruit from and people to approach
  • Review and revise the target company list with our client

Attraction Phase

  • Recruit and interview candidates in accordance with our Candidate Standard of Ethics
  • Match the candidate’s career objectives with the client’s opportunity offering
  • Conduct video interviews with highly matched candidates
  • While searching, develop a picture of the current compensation for the target position within the industry
  • Present written and video profiles of viable candidates
  • Schedule candidate/client interviews

Selection Phase

  • Complete preliminary reference checks
  • Assessment testing if required
  • Present a short list of the most highly matched and motivated candidates to our client
  • Arrange on-site or video teleconferencing interviews
  • Prepare candidates for the first interview including the company’s interest
  • Debrief candidate
  • Debrief client and release any candidate our client is not pursuing
  • Arrange follow-up interviews and consult with the client about any concerns
  • Debrief candidate and our client
  • Negotiate the offer package to both parties satisfaction

Transition Phase

  • Assist the new employee with the resignation process
  • Prepare the new employee to address any potential counter-offer
  • Facilitate on-boarding the new employee
  • Follow-up regularly with the new employee during their first year and every quarter months thereafter
  • Verify with the client that the project has been successfully completed
  • Request reference letters from the client

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