We live in an age where everything is accessible – locations, purchases, opinions, facts and fiction.  It is safe to say internet use is fairly common in most work settings.  Social media then has become a fact of life that is harder to swallow than the eighties theme song is to get out of your head once you hear it. Network of people

Even though many companies embrace the once-feared social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, blogs and other web-based tools for client development, recruiting, branding and other business purposes – employees still haven’t wrapped their head around acceptable social media use–both inside and outside the workplace.

Here are a few things to consider when tacking your social media intake:

1. Don’t friend coworkers on socially focused sites (ie. Facebook or twitter). It just isn’t smart. You never know what things you might post or you might see others publish you wish you hadn’t.  Just because you are best buds int he cubicles doesn’t mean you should know what their favorite comic book is and what they like to do on the weekends when they aren’t wearing that stuffy suit. Get over offending someone – this is just a good practice.

2. Do grow your online business network (ie. LinkedIn).  These sites were established to be professional in nature, have more sophisticated group names, and lead to higher thinking all around.  Business networking in real life is still a good practice that can be translated into your virtual world as well.  (If you want to take your LinkedIn experience to the next level, I highly recommend Lewis Howes ‘Linkedinfluence‘ virtual training program.  Lewis is the recognized expert on leveraging the power of LinkedIn.  To get more information Click Here.)

3. Don’t use social media at work for personal reasons.  I am pretty sure your boss is not going to care that you had to talk to your cousin on Facebook chat when you kindly explain to them the reasons why your reports aren’t ready.  You are at work to work – get off your Facebook!

4. Do review your company social media policy. What’s that?  Investigate as to whether or not your company has decided to evaluate and take a stand on corporate social media use.  Know the policy and uphold it.  It one doesn’t exist yet, friend your boss on Facebook at lunch time and tell him he may want to write one up.

Has this been helpful?  Are there different tips are rules you want to share with us? Please respond back with your workplace’s opinion and needs regarding social media – we’d love to hear from you.

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