Something a little different but I hope you like it, not directly mental health related. But dear God trust me, searching for a job I would enjoy was certainly not having a good effect on my own personal mental health!

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    4 replies to "The 5 Stages of Job Hunting….for Millenials"

    • Fabs journey

      I thought this was awesome i love your personality and the points you make are awesome

    • Anna Leyland

      hence why I'm not even going to bother going to uni (not that I could anyway – I only have GCSEs and no A levels or equivalent) – I'm doing an apprenticeship and hopefully going straight into employment. hopefully…

    • Jewel

      Omg that is what exactly I just went through. Where is the love button?

    • Katie Victoria

      This was vaguely funny. However mainly rather depressing :/ I am hoping to go to uni next September and I don't want to come out to work a minimum wage job so now I'm just sat here freaking out :/ may I ask what you studied at uni?

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