“Leading-edge state Medicaid agencies across the country are exploring the potential of accountable care organizations (ACOs)”

Kip Piper, in The Piper Report, outlines the 10 Core Considerations for Implementing Medicaid ACOs. It is an excellent look at the initial steps needed this if it is to become a reality.

Medicaid ACOs deserve a look. We are in a climate where it is politically unpalatable to “cut” Medicaid funding, yet we are going to be hard pressed to find all the money needed. The difference, as Piper points out, has to be from improvements in quality, delivery, and cost-efficiency. Even though the jury is still deliberating on the overall impact of ACOs, why not test this in Medicaid?

As we  move forward with Medicaid expansion, innovation and risk taking will be what pushes us to achieve Medicaid’s overall goals. Just the fact that Medicaid ACOs are being considered demonstrates the drive toward doing things differently. How this all shakes out is still a mystery. What is known is that a new way for everything in Medicaid is the kind of reform that needs more focus.

~ Richard Yadon

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