People are your competitive edge!

shutterstock_81641815The ability to make good “people” decisions is today’s most critical competitive advantage. What separates the best from the rest is the quality of talent inside the company. Top leadership talent has always been hard to attain.  This continues to be aggravated by globalization, growing worldwide competition, aggressive headhunting practices etc. With growing demand and limited supply top-level employees are so much in demand that companies are paying increased salaries, bonuses, perks and essentially whatever it takes to attract the best brains from across the world. Newly developing economies such as India and China are becoming fierce competition for business leaders who can now earn top dollar working in these countries.

To maintain a competitive edge for top talent, companies must adopt an ongoing talent attraction strategy.  This is more than just good job board postings and beefing up your employment brand.  A talent attraction strategy is driven by the Boardroom.  It is part of every manager’s objectives.  The hunt for the best is too fierce to only be an HR task.  It must be part of the company culture.  Otherwise the company is going to be left behind by its competitors.

If you don’t have a talent acquisition strategy our 10 Step Recruiting Plan might be a good place to start.  Download it today!




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