More companies than ever are making conscious efforts to support their LGBTQ workers, yet 46% of LGBTQ employees remain closeted at work. Facing a rapidly changing corporate world, the LGBTQ community is still discovering how to merge their careers and their identities.

Glassdoor’s mission is to find you a job that fits your life, and that means helping LGBTQ professionals determine the right employer and company culture that will provide them with support and success in their career. With our Workplace Guide for LGBTQ Professionals: Embracing Your Authentic Self in Your Career, LGBTQ job seekers can find expert advice on navigating their job search, workplace and the unique experiences and challenges they encounter in their professional lives. Download the full eBook PDF here and read below for a preview of what the eBook includes!

Finding a Job That Welcomes Your Full Self

For LGBTQ job candidates, finding an inclusive workplace results in increased job commitment and satisfaction — which means it’s important to determine whether or not a potential employer is LGBTQ friendly. Get tips on using networking, interviewing and other stages of the hiring process to find the right company for you — and know the red flags to avoid.

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure if a company is inclusive, LGBTQ workplace advocacy non-profit Out & Equal recommends asking these questions during your interview:

  1. What are your core values?
  2. What resources do you provide to employees?
  3. How would you describe your company culture?
  4. What are your inclusion policies and practices?

Finding Community at Work

Finding allies within the workplace is instrumental to feeling supported at your job. Learn the benefits of forming an LGBTQ employee resource group (ERG) and how to form a group at your office.

Pro Tip: Many organizations show their support for the LGBTQ community during Pride Month in June, but there are opportunities year-round to demonstrate your commitment. Lead your coworkers in a volunteer outing to a local LGBTQ organization.

Transitioning at Work

For transgender employees, transitioning can result in a lot of life changes — including some at the job. Read what steps to take with your HR team and colleagues to find the support you need to navigate your transition in the workplace.

Pro Tip: Gender and workplace inclusion organization the Argo Collective advises transitioning employees to request an LGBTQ competency training for their team. Co-founder Jay Bendett says, “Most people in the company may have no tools or language to begin to understand what the transition process is like, so having a presentation for the teams that introduce them to some basic terminology, including pronouns, can be helpful to minimize misgendering and pain/discomfort.”

Know Your Rights

While many more organizations are taking measures to improve work environments for LGBTQ employees, the LGBTQ workforce still encounters disproportionately high rates of workplace discrimination. Learn how to identify and respond to cases of workplace discrimination due to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Pro Tip: If you are facing an instance of workplace discrimination, Argo Collective co-founder Max Masure advises reaching out to community beyond your workplace: “You are not alone and feeling supported by external organizations can be a huge help in those types of situations. Look for LGBTQ groups on Facebook as well as local queer organizations.”

Want more career advice? Read the full Workplace Guide for LGBTQ Professionals: Embracing Your Authentic Self in Your Career!


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