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Here is this week’s round up of career related articles so you can keep your career growing!  New resource at the bottom of the message…

2016 Wages Expected to Rise Globally | shrm.org
Workers around the world are expected see “real” (inflation-adjusted) wage increases of 2.5 percent in 2016—the highest in three years.

Worldwide Executive compensation — infographic | slideshare.net

5 Ways to Get a Promotion This Year Without Working 24/7 | makemoneyinlife.com
Career experts note that employees who can prove their value to their employers actually have a good chance of earning a promotion, even when the economy isn’t stellar.

‘Tis the Season to Advance Your Career – Office Dynamics  | officedynamics.com
Between gift giving and office parties, there are plenty of opportunities to get people to remember who you are and where your career interest lie.

Ready to Work Remotely, Explore the World and Grow your Career with Passion? | linkedin.com
If you want to be a digital nomad, first forget about the stereotypes.

Forget Your CV: How to Turn Your HealthCare Job into a Career of Passion | futureofhealthcarenews.com
The health care of today and tomorrow requires more than people who are “good at science,” and who “want to help people.”

Salary trends and career planning for 2016 | skyprep.com
The Mercer survey reflects the remuneration practices of more than 17 million employees in 1,504 large and mid-size American companies.

MBA Careers: How Big Data, People Analytics Is Re-Engineering Your Job Searchbusinessbecause.com
Data is reshaping the way organizations find, hire, and retain talent

It’s Time To Get Real: Humanize Your Brand – TalentCulture talentculture.com
These days, brands are doing everything they can to position products and services. This includes trying to appeal to customers at a human level.

The 2016 Job Market Is Looking Bright For Workers | fortune.com
It looks like the “jobless recovery” has finally breathed its last breath.


Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye by Richard Yadon


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