Savvy Employers Tap Into What Candidates Desire

by Richard Yadon

According to a recent survey, published here in the Nashville Business shutterstock_58185892Journal, the job perk valued most is….

….. Flextime!

A full 36% of employee’s surveyed listed Flextime as the job perk they most value.

Running a close second is telecommuting options32%.

I was not surprised to see these listed as the top two.  In my daily conversations with candidates I often hear their desire for these kinds of options.  Its a reflection of our wired, interconnected culture.  These options are also moving from the ‘desired’ category to the ‘expected’ list.  More than a handful of candidates have declined to be considered for jobs because either flextime or telecommuting were not offered.  Even the lure of a substantial raise was not enough.

What I do find surprising is the number of employers who still won’t consider these options!   This is as dangerous strategy.  The people employers really want to hire, the top contributors, have options.  Employers who align themselves with the desires and expectations of marketplace talent will be the employers of choice.

They will also be beating the pants off their competitors!


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