Managed Care Recruiter Advice | Get Your Job Search Organized

As an active team of managed care recruiters, we talk to hundreds of people each month about their job search.  They share their successes, challenges, and frustrations.

A lot of the challenge and frustration comes from not having an organized job search plan.  Remember — your expertise is managed care, not looking for a job.  And the process of finding a job changes over time to coincide with market, employer preference, and technology changes.

While many people acknowledge that it’s important to be organized for an interview, it’s easy to ignore the importance of getting a strategic and tactical plan together prior to you even getting  to the interview point.

Taking an organized method can assist you to stay focused and it minimizes lost time and energy.

What does a managed care recruiter suggest?  Here are some of our top suggestions and pointers for getting organized before you start searching.


Top Managed Care Job Search Tips

Create a Spreadsheet

If you prefer to do this on paper or Excel or Google Sheets, that’s great, too. The point is to keep a record of where, when, and how you applied and followed up to numerous jobs.

On this spreadsheet, you can include slots for the following info:

  • Company/prospective employer name and contact details
  • Hiring manager’s name and contact info
  • Date you applied
  • How you applied (online, by mail, and so on).
  • Position name/title.
  • Follow-up date.
  • Impressions of the company (this can be your individual opinion and impression of the company, or something special about them to assist jog your memory).
  • Requirements for the position.
  • Anything else that will assist you remain arranged, such as driving directions, building description, etc


Manage Your Resumes

You do have resumes tailored to the job you are apply to?  If not, start doing so.

As you get various jobs opportunities, you will be tweaking and fine-tuning your resume to fit that position.  As you know, Managed Care organizations have their particular requirements.  They are often short staffed in the recruiting department and they don’t have time to figure out if you will be a great fit.

Help them understand your matching qualities by highlighting  your abilities that pertain to that job. Ask yourself what is relevant in your background to the job being described.

That can suggest you can end up with a number of various versions of your resume.  Watch this video for suggestions >>


Manage All of Your Docs

Think about establishing folders in your word processing software or on Google Docs, to keep all your information organized and available. Depending upon the number of different jobs you’re applying for, create a folder for each job or each potential employer.

If you are applying strictly for clinical related jobs, for instance, then you may want to arrange your folders by potential employer. If you are applying based upon your different skill sets, such as an case management, utilization review,or provider contracting , you could arrange your resumes by the specific skill.

Of course, you can do both!



First, fix your email address!   ‘SexyNurse24’ may have been a fun email while you were in school, but it has not place in the business world.  (Yes, that is an actual email we’ve seen)

Email inboxes can get messy quick. Prior to starting your job search, get your email set up to manage the correspondence between you and your prospective employers.

Create a general folder for correspondence relating to your job search, and nest subfolders under this heading that are named for particular companies or job types. Do not forget to identify and file outbound e-mails as well.


Final Thoughts

We see a lot of bad and a lot of good as managed care recruiters.  Above all, we see people who are organized and well prepared as the the most successful candidates.

As you prepare yourself for your job search, you can save yourself a great deal of trouble and streamline the job search process by getting organized first.

Ideally, you will increase your opportunities of success, too.